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When to get the test done

Most pregnancy tests state that they work as soon as a period is late (i.e. one day). Most women do not continue to have normal periods when pregnant but some may experience lighter/shorter periods. For women who do not have a regular cycle it can be difficult to know when a period is due. So it is best to take the test three weeks after having unprotected sex (as this is roughly how long it will take for the hormone levels to show up on the test).

If a test is negative (i.e. the woman is not pregnant) but the woman's period still doesn't arrive a week later, another test should be taken. Periods can be late for other reasons including stress, change of diet, or other health conditions. Women should seek medical advice if they are concerned.

It is important to find out as soon as possible. The earlier a woman finds out she is pregnant, the more options she has. If she decides to keep the baby, it is better to arrange ante-natal care with her doctor early on for the health of the baby and the woman (e.g. so that she can be given folic acid). If on the other hand, she decides to have an abortion, it is also important to act quickly.