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Information for Boys and Young Men

Many young boys and young men are too nervous or embarrassed to go to the Youth Advisory Centres or Contraceptive Health Services to ask for condoms. Many are put off by having to speak to a female nurse or doctor. However you needn't be -some advisory centres have male workers and drop-ins especially for younger men under 25.

So if you want a friendly chat in confidence and get some useful advice about sexual health matters, relationships and a range of free condoms, drop by to see:

Richard @ The Junction

235 Holdenhurst Road
Tel. 01202 646915

Every Fri. 3.30 - 6.00pm

Chlamydia testing is available at The Junction, pain free just pee in a pot! If you’re a man that is!

No awkward questioning or invasive tests and it's confidential, even if you are under 16.

See you there.