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After a medical termination (‘abortion pill’)

The woman will experience some bleeding for some time after the abortion and may have pain like "period pains". Advice will be given on how to reduce the risk of infection. If bleeding or pain is severe, or she has a raised temperature or unusual vaginal discharge, she should see a doctor as soon as possible as this could mean that she has an infection which needs treatment. The woman will also be given a special pregnancy test to complete 2 weeks after the abortion to ensure the procedure has been successful.

It is possible to become pregnant again as soon as 7 days after an abortion. So the woman needs to decide on a form of contraception as soon as possible or have this arranged before the termination. There are cases where women have not arranged and started using a method of contraception and they become pregnant again, they then need to go through the same decision making process again. The stress and worry of this can be avoided by having your contraception ready after the termination.